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Not Just Another Asset Class

Just like the beneficent, supernatural spirits from which we take our name, angel investors have an aura of mystery, largely perceived as invisible bestowers of financial gifts on fledgling companies... read more...

About Nelson Gray


Nelson GrayNelson Gray, BA, CA MBA, is a Chartered Accountant with an entrepreneurial background, who, following the sale of his own business, became a "hands on" business angel investor, mentor, non executive director and fund manager.

Nelson continues to apply his wide ranging knowledge and experience to businesses, mentoring and training them to become businesses of scale and success.

Nelson has applied his expertise to helping governments in a number of countries build sustainable local investment communities.  

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"Nelson was not only very supportive but proved he has the ability to ask the right kind of questions of senior management e.g. his seeking clarity at one time on our target markets led us to better define our core services. This sort of focus was instrumental in the successful sale of Obvious to a European quoted company."

David Geddes, CEO, Obvious Solutions

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